CEO and Founder of Tangere Pinoy Survey, Martin Peñaflor, joins WR Numero Research as Head of Digital Innovation

WR Numero is excited to announce that CEO Martin Peñaflor is coming aboard as the new Head of Digital Innovation. He is also the founder of Tangere Pinoy Survey, a popular and award-winning Market Research and Analytics Company. He will be supporting WR Numero by overseeing tech development strategies to successfully achieve all project and company goals. 

His work is known not just by businesses, but also by more than half a million Facebook followers of his Tangere Pinoy Survey with Prizes Community. His leadership has brought Tangere to the ASEAN-Korea Summit 2020 in Seoul, Korea, and the Web Start-up Summit 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal. Martin Peñaflor has been in the Philippine and European business tech industry for more than a decade. 

He also has an outstanding track record in business and tech that earned him worldwide recognition. He is an awardee of the following prestigious awards: ASEAN Startup Awards 2020, Ginebra Ako Awards 2020, Asia Leaders Awards 2019, and CNN Final Pitch Grand 2019. 

Peñaflor’s tech also gives back to local communities, assisting those who are affected by calamities. With the help of JCI Manila and Tangere, the technology helped them identify the needs of the communities and how to help them better.

CEO Peñaflor’s Tangere is one of the methods that WR Numero uses in big data analytics. It enables survey takers to participate using their mobile phones. In effect, the data is processed and analyzed quicker compared to traditional survey methods. 

Dr. Robin Garcia, the founder of technology-driven polling and data analytics company, WR Numero, says:

“I am certain that under Martin Peñaflor’s leadership as the Head of Tech, WR Numero is heading towards a bright future! His addition to the team is exciting for everyone.”

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