Business World’s B-Side interviews WRN CEO Dr. Robin Michael Garcia on China, COVID-19, and the West PH Sea

As a follow-up discussion with Dr. Garcia on issues relating to Philippine-China relations, Business World invites Dr. Garcia to its Spotify channel B-Side. In the podcast, Dr. Garcia shares his insights on Duterte’s foreign policy, specifically the administration’s strengthening relations with China.

As has always been emphasized, Filipino political support towards China stems mainly from the economic benefits that China brings to the Philippines. In the podcast, Dr. Garcia provides further explanation as to why Filipino support towards China remains high.  “The other thing that was discussed [during WRN’s ‘Probing the Levels of Filipino Political Support for China’ webinar] was the cultural dimension of China’s history in the Philippines,” he said. Dr. Garcia added that it is important to differentiate China as a State and Chinese as people. Despite concerns involving the influx of Chinese nationals in the country due to the growing POGO industry, Dr. Garcia said that this does not undermine the centuries-old culture of the Chinese that has been embedded in Philippine history and Filipino way of life.

Click HERE to read the summary and listen to the full recording of the interview entitled “[B-SIDE Podcast] China: Duterte’s Achilles’ heel